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About Us

Learn more about the people behind the N Anthony Mason photographic team and find out how to make contact, if so desired.


Employing a diverse approach to specialism.

We refer to our photographic style as ‘Multi-Role’ - so named for a field of classification used to denote versatile military aircraft.

‘5 Guys’ | Neil Mason | Editorial [2016]

Over the last decade, we have worked to achieve professional consistency and competency within many photographic disciplines.

Our approach allows us to extract those practical elements unique to each discipline. We can then infuse these extracts throughout our professional practice.

We choose to work logically to capture our output, and work creatively to produce it. This provides our clients with access to potent visual content; specifically tailored to support their needs!



What services do we provide?

We can provide fully developed visual communication for your product, practice or position.

We offer our documentary style capture (reportage or narrative) with sole photographic or mixed visual options available - great for use in publication, press kits and for use as promotional content.

'Journeyman' | Natalie Collins | Documentary [2017]

Our services are perfect for businesses, creatives & performers and fantastic for anyone that would benefit from visual content. Our aforementioned documentary style perfectly compliments weddings & civil partnerships.

As part of our commercially focused provision for agencies & influencers; we offer quality visual production for use in campaigns - scaleable in accordance with your needs.

We also provide unique skills enhancement services for models, entertainers & performance artists; backed by our practitioner certification.

We really enjoy creating bespoke social media content for those creatives, musicians & influencers serious about their branding, and understand the benefits of quality visual communication.



Meet the partners!

As artists first and foremost; we’re always invested in sharing our work, meeting new people, connecting with clients; and working positively throughout our community.

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“My passion for visuality stems from childhood. I would run around for hours with a camera without film, taking imaginary photos that I still have with me today. I see the camera as an extension of my hand; a communicative tool that allows me to fill any canvas with potent narrative & expressionism.”

Neil Mason

Partner/Creative director

Photographer: 30 Years

Professional: 12 Years

BA (Hons) Photography

Level 3 Award In Education & Training

“I am proud to know that I have followed in the footsteps of my Grandfather; who spent many hours teaching me the essentials of photography. I’ve been developing my own images since I was 7 years old! In all the time passed; I have never lost my appreciation for each blessed journey toward creativity.”

Natalie Collins

Partner/Sales Director

Photographer: 30 Years

Professional: 11 Years

20 Years in Sales & Marketing

Premium Brand Ambassador



If you would like to reach out and let us know more about how we can support you; simply press the button below and we will be in touch!

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Neil x Nat

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